We have traveled more than three weeks with two incredible guys. We have laughed together. We have played Mad together. We have shared thoughts, pains, joys, memories and recepies. We have watched each other skydive and watched alligators. We have swum together and eaten pancackes, been to sunday school and to restaurants.

We have walked the Edmund Pettus bridge together and greeted Jessie Jackson. We have shared thorns and roses, catfish and chicken. We have opened our hearts to each other. You have taken us to places we didn’t know existed. You have introduced us to people and presidents. You have opened to us homes and houses. You have led us to meet and stay with wonderful people. You have pointed out to us historic places and eyewitnesses. You have shared with us an endless insight into life patterns, expressions and ways of life in this country.

Now we all go home. The airway across the Atlantic is shorter than the roads up the Mississippi valley. So we will be home before you will, because you do not hesitate to give us first priority in all things you do and say.

Jim and Carl, we will carry you for ever in a big room in our hearts. May God bless you abundantly.


Greetings from the class of 2016 of Borgund folkehogskole, Aalesund, Norway,

Kari-Anne, Aleksander, Grant, Birgit, Julie, Olav, Daniel, Kritine, Sigurd, Ingvild, Kathrine, Anne, Ida Camilla, Tale, Anna, David

Matthias, Oddgunn, Ottar

(and the extras Astrid and Reidun)


See you later, alligator!